10 funny, random and delightful things about me and my life

Hello my loves! I hope you all are fine today! I have been thinking all day about this post. It will be that kind of post "get to know me / who am I" post but funny version. Hopefully you will think that 😅

Why don't you tell me 5 or 10 things about you?  
🥰 I would love to read and get to know you! 

▶  I don't know how to do some things in math ( / and x for an example) but knows how to calculate areas etc.
▶ I've learned English by myself. No help in school. I learned English through a group chat on a website when I was younger. 
▶ I'm learning all about social media / internet managing / stuff like that by myself 
▶ I'm learning Arabic by myself {no school or so}
On the same time I'm learning Arabic, I'm trying to teach my son Punjab {I'm learning that as well} 
▶ I didn't like spicy food until I met my husband ~ now I'm obsessed! 
▶ When I married my husband I was supposed to have taken the last name "Kaur" which means Princess on Punjab but I went with "Singh" which means Lion. All females are named Kaur in surname / lastname and all men are named Singh. So I guess I'm a man now 😂
▶ I want to move away from Sweden but I don't know where (probably Spain or Greece) and how 😭 any ideas and advice? 
▶ I find it very hard to write lists or talk about myself so I always say that people should ask me what they want to know and I will answer them.
I've been blogging for years! But under different names etc but now I'm here and it's under my name 😊


.. Yup you read right! 5am this morning it started to snow like crazy here in Sweden. 15cm high snow. Not happy about that. So today's plans got canceled which it's pretty annoying.

This week's plans ; { except being a mom and do activities with Emilio

▶ Was supposed to have my work interview today. 
▶ VA work 
▶ Fold Laundry 
▶ Clean

● Tuesday 
▶ Work interview is moved to today instead ~ thank God.
▶ VA work
▶ Webinar x 3
▶ Daycare for Emilio 

● Wednesday 
▶ Laundry time 
▶ VA work
▶ Clean

▶ Meeting
▶ Webinar x 2
▶ VA Work

● Friday
▶ Work 
▶ VA Work
▶ Hospital with Emilio
▶ Friday night's cleaning before "fredags mys" 

● Saturday
▶ Big cooking food day! 

● Sunday
▶ Try to relax
▶ Try to start with that content planning


Stay Safe and wear mask! 

I am so sick and tired of everything that has to do with the Corona (Covid). When will life be normal igen!?
The picture has grain on it with purpose. 

C h o a s   a t    w o rk 

Finally they are back!

One of Emilio's favorite activities to do when it's spring/summer and fall, is to sit on the swing for hours! Countless of laughter. Pushing. More speed etc. Pure Joy! 

I have been thinking about one thing and I need your help to decide!!! .. Should I blog on English or Swedish!? I've tried to put the translation options in my blog but I don't know if it works. Now we all know that Google translator doesn't translate good but at least you would know what I wrote if I decide to write on Swedish.

Comment please and let me know 🧡

How to bake this traditional cake of Sweden

I love to bake. Cakes, cookies etc. You name it. Today I decided to bake a traditional cake in Sweden. Kärleksmums (this cake has many names but most people say this name). 

Down below you can read the recipe and how to make it.
I don’t know if you have this cake where you live but this is
a traditional soft cake on the table for Swedish fika.


The recipe is valid for 30 pieces

225 g Butter
2 dl milk
5 eggs
4½ dl of sugar
1½ tablespoon vanilla sugar
1¼ dl cocoa
3 teaspoon baking soda
6 dl wheat flour


75 g Butter
¾ dl strong coffee
½ dl cocoa
1½ tablespoon vanilla sugar
5 dl icing sugar

1 dl coconut flakes

How do bake

1. Set the oven to 175 °.

2. Grease and brush a high-edge shape, 25×30 cm or place in a baking sheet. (the pan)

3. Melt the butter, pour into the milk and let it cool.

4. Beat eggs and sugar puffy, preferably with electric mixer. Sift down vanilla sugar, cocoa, baking soda and flour through a sieve. Add butter and milk and mix all to a smooth smear.

5. Pour the batter into the mold. Bake in the middle of the oven for about 20 minutes.


1. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add coffee, cocoa, vanilla sugar and icing sugar and mix well.

2. Remove the cake from the oven, leave it for a while. Wide the glaze over the hot cake and sprinkle the coconut flakes.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe you feel like to try bake it? Let me know 😊 I would love to hear!

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Goodmorning my beautiful friends! How are you all? 

I just wanted to pop in here for a few seconds to let you know that you NOW CAN FOLLOW MY BLOG VIA BLOGLOVIN! How amazing isn't that? You will get notification when ever I upload on my blog! Ahh I am so excited!

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Which beauty product is a must for you?

Before I had Emilio I was obsessed with skin care, having "spa night at home" nights 2 times a week etc. But after having him ~ the time and my energy has slowly vanished. I have been hoping to get the energy back and I can slowly feel that it is! So I'm gonna make it a routine again to have all my skin care products and nights again ~ yay!

On PC /Laptop the pictures will look grainy. Not good! I only use Phone when I take photos
I love using products from  7th Heaven. Normally I find these products at DollarStore {In Sweden. Don't know where you guys can find those products in your country}. 
Which beauty product is a must for you?
My to go to products I must have when having a "spa night at home" is peel off masks and mud masks. I'm constantly looking for new products to try and use so let me know if you have any recommendations!

Simple post, a short one. 

Honest Review of: MAC FOUNDATION

I shared this review on my instagram stories before but I thought I could share it here with you guys as well. There of the screenshots of my stories (bad quality I know!) 

MAC Foundation 

Written off from the first picture.

On the next picture ya’ll will see the today’s makeup. I decided to give the foundation an other try. IT WENT HORRIBLY WRONG!

 Back story: I went to a store in the city asking an professional who worked there to help me find a foundation in my skin tone / skin color. After I bought the foundation I was happy! I finally had a  foundation in my shade…Wow I was wrong.. It looked so good in the store when she did a bit on my face etc but damn. The Orange / yellow ish color = horrible / disaster!

Today I decided to give the foundation a second try and oh my god. NO! I’ll throw this foundation in the bin /trash. No matter how much I worked with it – Concealer, powder etc you name it. It was too late… I worked down my neck etc to avoid that ”mask” looking makeup and oh my god… I’m gonna remove the foundation after showing you guys on the next post.

To see full picture of the middle one with my whole face where you can see the difference between face and neck , CLICK HERE To see the full picture of the last picture with a better pic showing the skin tone I have and the foundation (this is ridiculous!) CLICK HERE 


I believe in honest reviews and that's why I shared my opinion and honesty on this review. Remember that I am not bashing / trashtalking the brand . If this foundation works for you - AMAZING! I'm so glad for you but it sure didn't work for me. 

I'll from time to times write reviews here on my blog but also on my instagram { @ emmasiingh } so make sure to follow me there and here! 

He woke up to a surprise! I'm so proud of him!

Goodmorning my beautiful friends! I hope you all are having an amazing day!! It's morning here in Sweden and I can honestly say ~ I'm good {not so much cough} but I have a massive headache 🙅🏻‍♀️ no Bueno! 

This post will be a little more insight of my son and his autism. Autism is something I learn about all the time. I'm new to this so bear with me that I might talk a bit about it. It's a whole new territory for me. 

He woke up to a surprise! Last night I finally had it delivered! As you might know my son has autism and for me this will bring me so much joy! Well one of all the things actually. My son loves to jump and goof around when he is in that mood which I love! During last week I had a message on Facebook with a link sent to me with an ad off a thing I knew Emilio {son} would love. And I finally got it delivered to me last night. Because I don't have a driving license or a car I couldn't get it myself ~ sigh. Working on the license though! ~ but a lovely soul in my area where I live went and got it for me. Thank you Michelle!

C h e a p investment but wow I know it will give him so much joy, happiness and laughter! What did I buy Emilio? A cute small trampoline. Perfect for him! We live in an apartment so having those big trampolines was a no no of course! But the AD was of a trampoline for indoors {I think it's for workout at home} and it's perfect!

Emilio woke up, went to the living room as usual and instantly ran over to the trampoline when he saw it. He rushed back to gather all his stuffed animals and his favorite blanket.. And now he is sitting on a small piece of corner on it 😂👏🏻 All the stuffed animals takes 90% of the trampoline but he doesn't care.

Learning so far about AUTISM I have discovered that my son {not sure how autism works to be honest, I'm still learning!} aren't a fan of toys. {even though he has toooo much of them!}. He has a few toys he likes his stuffed animals, 2 books, balls and blanket. Nothing else. And he is very smart for his age to be honest! Waow! He turns 4 this year and already knows how to help me with the laundry {separate the clothes, load the washer, unload and hang the laundry to dry}, he knows how to do the dishes, sweep the floors and mop it. He is very smart when it comes to technology / phone / tablet ~ he knows how to cast {chrome cast} from YouTube, what to see, how to start etc. It's ridiculous how smart he is but I'm so proud! 

My son is also non verbal which means he doesn't talk. He don't really know how to talk but he has started a little! He says a few words and I'm beyond proud! 

Swedish, English and some Punjab words. Insane! I wish I could write all the words down but to be honest, I'm so happy and surprised on how much my son can so I can't remember exactly all the words. But some of the words Emilio can say is; dad, baby (both on English and Swedish), Come on Punjab, Grandpa on Punjab and a lot more. 

He is very good with body language when it comes to dancing to songs ~ head, shoulders, knees and toes for an example. 

I know this has turned out to become a "bragging / WOW I'M SO PROUD" post but I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face, thinking of all the amazing things Emilio has learned on such a short time! 


I have now updated my design here on my blog. Reason? I bought a domain! Woho! It won't start work until next week though - bummer but when it's working - my link will be emmas.nu  


Short post but I just wanted to announce that! More blog posts is coming! I've been really ill these couple of days but I'm getting better now so stay tuned or what to say ^^, haha!

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