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This week's updates

Rare Pic of me smiling and showing full face. 

Hello my loves. I know I haven't been so active as I wish. Thought I have actually written posts but not published them because I thought it would sound so weird. Heck, it is a lifestyle blog so.. Lol.

This week has been crazy. Some moments has made me really mad and some moments has been good. Hospital meetings, work, daycare, laundry etc. The usual. 

Coffee, Housework and rude costumers 
This week, I start to try drink coffee.. Even thought for every sip I take the soul leaves my body. I really don't like the taste of it. Smell? Yes. Taste? No. But it works a bit for my headache (I've headache 24/7)

Housework cleaned and I mean deeeeeep cleaned the whole apartment. 
Rude costumers today I have for the very first time experienced rude costumers st work. I can't give so much details but I tried to make ny boss serve the costumers the food but he made me do it. Thank God I remember their faces so I can let N serve them. I know "never let a costumer control you" but this one I've problem with. Told B (boss) what happened and he wanted to go over and ask what's going on but I didn't let him. I know, stupid of me but it is his restaurant and I work to serve people and the golden quote / motto "costumers are always right. Even though this one wasn't right. 

OH God. I was gonna write s long post but my eyes started to look X (cross-eyed) so I'll write tomorrow. Head is hurting and I'm about to fall asleep. Goodnight!! 

Honest Review; NikkieTutorials - Layers of me

 Watch the trailer above. 

Let me know your thoughts about Nikkie and everything.
Have you watched her series? What is your opinion on it?
Nikkie da Jager aka NikkieTutorials.
Huge influencer in the world of makeup. Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat ~ you name it. I have known who Nikkie has been for years but never actually liked her because for me (like I said in the last post) she is too much for me yet I've been watching her mini documentary on Youtube called Layers of me and WAOW! 


In this mini series of four episodes you will see the real Nikkie. Her family, the struggles, bullying, the world traveling, behind the scenes of her life and youtube. I remember when my best friend Elin told me that she has come out as a transgender person, all I remembered was "I already knew that". No I didn't watch her outcoming video on her channel (I think it is that video she has uploaded. Not sure. Haven't watched that one) and she simply asked me "How?" I'm not gonna bash Nikkie, she is a beautiful person with great personality but it's like I've always knew that she was transgender. I don't know how. It has always been a feeling I have had and hold and behold ~ she is. Nothing wrong with that! I totally support her and everyone who are. 

Something I didn't know about Nikkie is that she is dutch! THAT SHOOOCK ME! I've always thought she was an american. Her english is AMAZING! Lol! 

Back to the review; In the series, like I said above, she talks about bullying and more personal stuff such as the loss off her little brother. THAT BROKE ME! Knowing exactly what she is going through and everything. The feelings, the thoughts etc. Not that I've lost a sibling but I've lost both my parents. The tears were falling down like the water in the Niagrafalls or in any waterfall in general. 

I also could relate some to her ~ the bullying ~ It makes you to the person you are today. I also can relate to the struggling with the confidence etc like she has problems with sometimes {except I've it all the time}. 

She has come a long way from starting her carrier on youtube as a 14 year old til today and after watching this mini series I actually have more good thoughts about her (No hate! Just that she has been too much for me), I understand her better, her personality etc. Bubbly and hard working woman. 

RATE; ●●●●●  {five dots out of five
Comment; If you like her, you must watch this to understand who she truly are. You won't be disappointed!

Will I give Nikkie an other chance? Yes. I'm actually watching some of her videos right now. Fun, loving and sweet woman. 


Moon child

Not every photo can be in color. 

HI hello my loves! How are you all today!? Here in Sweden it is currently 23.30pm which means bed time. I'm supposed to be in bed earlier but I got stuck in front of my laptop, watching a documentary on YouTube and let me just say WOW! It was 4 short episodes but God, I felt the whole entire documentary right in my soul and heart. Here's the deal, I never liked this person before. I thought this person was too much. No I do not say that I hate the person - the person was... Just too much for me. I'll write an Honest Review tomorrow about it but let me just say... In one of the episodes I broke down crying.. That pain. That struggle.. Wow! Like I said, I'll write an honest review tomorrow and I will spill all the tea with opinions, thoughts etc. But I guess you all can figure it out by now 😂 hint ; it's not a documentary about Demi Lovato. 

Now I'm actually are going to sleep. Daycare for Emilio tomorrow so the alarm is ringing at 6am. Hopefully.. If I know Emilio tight, he probably will wake up st 4am or so as usual. Head is killing. 

Goodnight! ❤️