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.. Yup you read right! 5am this morning it started to snow like crazy here in Sweden. 15cm high snow. Not happy about that. So today's plans got canceled which it's pretty annoying.

This week's plans ; { except being a mom and do activities with Emilio

▶ Was supposed to have my work interview today. 
▶ VA work 
▶ Fold Laundry 
▶ Clean

● Tuesday 
▶ Work interview is moved to today instead ~ thank God.
▶ VA work
▶ Webinar x 3
▶ Daycare for Emilio 

● Wednesday 
▶ Laundry time 
▶ VA work
▶ Clean

▶ Meeting
▶ Webinar x 2
▶ VA Work

● Friday
▶ Work 
▶ VA Work
▶ Hospital with Emilio
▶ Friday night's cleaning before "fredags mys" 

● Saturday
▶ Big cooking food day! 

● Sunday
▶ Try to relax
▶ Try to start with that content planning

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