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Honest Review of: MAC FOUNDATION

I shared this review on my instagram stories before but I thought I could share it here with you guys as well. There of the screenshots of my stories (bad quality I know!) 

MAC Foundation 

Written off from the first picture.

On the next picture ya’ll will see the today’s makeup. I decided to give the foundation an other try. IT WENT HORRIBLY WRONG!

 Back story: I went to a store in the city asking an professional who worked there to help me find a foundation in my skin tone / skin color. After I bought the foundation I was happy! I finally had a  foundation in my shade…Wow I was wrong.. It looked so good in the store when she did a bit on my face etc but damn. The Orange / yellow ish color = horrible / disaster!

Today I decided to give the foundation a second try and oh my god. NO! I’ll throw this foundation in the bin /trash. No matter how much I worked with it – Concealer, powder etc you name it. It was too late… I worked down my neck etc to avoid that ”mask” looking makeup and oh my god… I’m gonna remove the foundation after showing you guys on the next post.

To see full picture of the middle one with my whole face where you can see the difference between face and neck , CLICK HERE To see the full picture of the last picture with a better pic showing the skin tone I have and the foundation (this is ridiculous!) CLICK HERE 


I believe in honest reviews and that's why I shared my opinion and honesty on this review. Remember that I am not bashing / trashtalking the brand . If this foundation works for you - AMAZING! I'm so glad for you but it sure didn't work for me. 

I'll from time to times write reviews here on my blog but also on my instagram { @ emmasiingh } so make sure to follow me there and here!