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Unfortunately I don't have normal photos of me today. Don't know why but I remembered that I took few pictures of me via Instagram @emmasiingh 🥰
With filter of course 🤦🏻‍♀️ sparkle filter though. 
On my Instagram I'll write what products I've used. What brands, name of the shades etc ☺️ I hope I'll see you there ❤️
I'll blog via my phone 90% of the time so if you are on a PC it might look weird for you. I apologize for that! 

Last day of March!

It is so crazy how fast this year has gone by so far! Tomorrow it is April 1rst! Insane! 

Today I have been very productive. I'm actually pretty surprised how much I've done today! Wow! But today I had a lot of energy! Emilio let me have sleep morning (he woke up at 7.30am which is sooo good!) - Thank you Angel! 
Screenshot from the Boomerang Video I made on Instagram.

Let's share some thoughts of today's todo list.
Meeting on Skype - Went fantastic! I "killed" it. Meaning I did so good I had a good feeling about it. I have been excited all day! Happy and confident all day after the meeting! Emilio did so good while I was on the meeting! So proud! 

Facebook post - For my work I'm working on. I'm pretty much a viritual assistant. 
Breakfast eaten - I rarely eat breakfast but today was one of those days I felt I wanted to eat. 

So in overall, I'm happy about today! 
Picture of my makeup will be posted on instagram (@emmasiingh) later :)

What is my niche?

Hello my loves! How are you all today? Today I'm actually feeling a lot better. I still have this annoying cough but that's it. My son and I have been sick for a week now and he is actually also doing so much better (not sick anymore) so tomorrow he will go to the kindergarten. Thank God. Lol! 
Yesterday was a very productive day. I attended TWO webinars, had phoneinterviews, build this blog with HTML codes (god I've missed that!), cleaned and so much more. Today I'll have an other productive day - l o v e ! . Webinars, meetings via Skype, cleaning the entire apartment, fold the laundry etc. I've already done a little bit today - not a lot but something. 
Yesterday's two webinars had me really thinking - what is my niche? To be honest I have so many but I learned I had to narrow down to two niches which will for me be Parenthood (or Lifestyle to say - Daily life, my son, Autism etc) and beauty. This blog though, will be about everything. This will be my little journal here on the webb but my instagram will be about Lifestyle and Beauty. Which I am to be honest very pleased about. Two good niches in my opinion. What is your niche? Either on facebook, your blog or your instagram. Comment and share your niche with me and tell me why you chosed that. I would love to read! 
I know I'm writing my blog on a swedish platform but I know I have readers from all over the world there for I decided to blog on english. Now remember that english aren't my native language and I've learned english by myself during all these years. I never got any help in school or what so ever so I decided to learn english by myself and I gotta say, even though my grammar is bad and I might do some misspelling - I'm doing pretty good. But that is just my opinion.