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Honest Review: Marabou Popcorn

Black and white picture because the colors and the quality of the picture in colors was horrible. 

OK so I finally tried this chocolate bar that has been super hyped in Sweden. I love popcorn ~ can't deny that! And I love chocolate. Everyone (and I mean eveeeeryone) has told me "IT'S DELICIOUS" "IT'S SO GOOD!!" etc. First I was very sceptical to this chocolate popcorn flavor thingy. It has been out in the stores for a while, I have seen it but immediately felt "nope!" til today. Today I bought this bad boy, took home, felt how the nervousness slowly built up inside me. When Emilio fell asleep I took this bad boy out from the fridge (yes I store chocolate in the fridge), looked at it and was like "here we go". 

H O N E S T • R E V I E W • S H O R T • I N F O 
First impression; yay crunchy! 
The smell ; only chocolate. No popcorn smell and we all know how they smell ~ heavenly! 
The crunchyness ; oh it was there. Salt, corn, and hard stones. 
Taste; like regular chocolate with popcorn but.. But but nut.. It also had those natural candy corn stuff which ruined the who chocolate. There I said it. 

My thoughts about it; nope. Not for me. I prefer regular popcorn and regular chocolate bars. I didn't like the corn part. If it only was chocolate with popcorn flavor and small parts of popcorn ~ yes but with the hard corn parts? . No. It ruined the whole bar. 
Would I recommend this; absolutely. Even though it wasn't for me I still recommend if you like salty chocolate with hard crunch. 
How many points? ● (1 of 5) 

Honest Review; NikkieTutorials - Layers of me

 Watch the trailer above. 

Let me know your thoughts about Nikkie and everything.
Have you watched her series? What is your opinion on it?
Nikkie da Jager aka NikkieTutorials.
Huge influencer in the world of makeup. Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat ~ you name it. I have known who Nikkie has been for years but never actually liked her because for me (like I said in the last post) she is too much for me yet I've been watching her mini documentary on Youtube called Layers of me and WAOW! 


In this mini series of four episodes you will see the real Nikkie. Her family, the struggles, bullying, the world traveling, behind the scenes of her life and youtube. I remember when my best friend Elin told me that she has come out as a transgender person, all I remembered was "I already knew that". No I didn't watch her outcoming video on her channel (I think it is that video she has uploaded. Not sure. Haven't watched that one) and she simply asked me "How?" I'm not gonna bash Nikkie, she is a beautiful person with great personality but it's like I've always knew that she was transgender. I don't know how. It has always been a feeling I have had and hold and behold ~ she is. Nothing wrong with that! I totally support her and everyone who are. 

Something I didn't know about Nikkie is that she is dutch! THAT SHOOOCK ME! I've always thought she was an american. Her english is AMAZING! Lol! 

Back to the review; In the series, like I said above, she talks about bullying and more personal stuff such as the loss off her little brother. THAT BROKE ME! Knowing exactly what she is going through and everything. The feelings, the thoughts etc. Not that I've lost a sibling but I've lost both my parents. The tears were falling down like the water in the Niagrafalls or in any waterfall in general. 

I also could relate some to her ~ the bullying ~ It makes you to the person you are today. I also can relate to the struggling with the confidence etc like she has problems with sometimes {except I've it all the time}. 

She has come a long way from starting her carrier on youtube as a 14 year old til today and after watching this mini series I actually have more good thoughts about her (No hate! Just that she has been too much for me), I understand her better, her personality etc. Bubbly and hard working woman. 

RATE; ●●●●●  {five dots out of five
Comment; If you like her, you must watch this to understand who she truly are. You won't be disappointed!

Will I give Nikkie an other chance? Yes. I'm actually watching some of her videos right now. Fun, loving and sweet woman. 


Honest Review; Demi Lovato - Simply Complicated

I just watched the YouTube originals documentary about Demi Lovato called "Simply Complicated". I've been a fan of Demi for years and years. Not gonna lie but I have never watched her documentaries because I always thought they would change my view of Demi and honestly it did.. But not in a bad way.. I have always had respect for her knowing some parts of her life (what I have heard and read about. I don't know Demi personally) with the bullying, addictions etc but after watching this documentary - oh wow. I cried on so many moments on this "show" or what to say instead of repeating the word "documentary". I've more respect for Demi and her life now..

Starting at a young age thinking about death, wondering how a funeral would feel etc to later in life struggle with addiction of drugs and pills. Wow.

My honest reviews is a "series" where I will either try something ~ beauty product, food etc or even just write about a show, documentary etc and giving you my 100% truth and opinions about it.

RATE; ●●●●●  {five dots out of five
Comment; If you thought you know your "idol" you are wrong. You will learn so much more about her and her life in this documentary ~ its insane!

Demi has been in a public eye since she was in a very young age (If I remember correctly she had her first gig on The Barney Show) and to grow up in spotlights, dealing with demons on head etc ~ horrible.

I know I just repeat in this post but I'm literally out of words.. She is one strong woman and I can honestly say that iam a true lovatic.

If you want to watch the documentary yourself, you CLICK HERE to come to it. The documentary is 1H and 18M long. I highly recommend you to watch it . Being a celebrity aren't all roses and rainbows.