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Life as a mom to a child with special needs

I've been quiet here in the blog since wednesday and i apologize for that . I've been working, hospital with son, cleaning, done laundry etc. Remember when I wrote that Emilio is sleeping over at a friend's house? Well, I deep cleaned the apartment but now i have to re- do it again . Things everywhere. Cheese doodles etc .. I clean everyday but it's sunday which means deep cleaning again.

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Having a child with Autism is hard. I'm not gonna lie!!. The tantrums, the breaking in the home -> breaking stuff,walls etc. Yes the CPS knows all about this so don't worry. On the same time as I'm trying to balance the work - doctors appointments - son's tantrums - teach him sign language so he can communicate (E is non verbal) - teaching him how to communicate with pictures and more - taking care of the home - taking care of myself. but why don't your husband help out? you may ask, well..the simple answer to that (Now I'll be very personal - don't judge) my husband has been deported back to his country in November 2019 so right now I am all alone.

"Everyday has a meaning. Just remember to make YOUrself proud." 
This quote has been in my head for a while now but I have never actually understood why and what it actually mean. It may sound strange to not know what he quote means by simply just reading the line but for me sometimes things are hard to understand so I need more deep meanings and explaination about some things and this is one of them. 

How do I deal with my son having tantrums? It is not easy - I'm not gonna lie but I sometimes manage to make him stop quickly - meaning, I sometime (most of the time) are able to control the situation. It's all about finding something that gets his attention so he forget about the tantrums. It is not easy all the time but I do it. I bet/think that there is more people in here (readers) who has children, siblings, cousins or anyone you know who has Autism and knows exactly what I mean with this part above

Everyday is a new challenge. Some days are easier than the other. Sometimes the tantrums are more intense and sometimes the tantrums are less intense and easy to take control over. Some are hard, some are easy. It's an daily balance thing. My son is three years old  and normally all the kids have their tantrums at this age. They are trying to find a voice in their emotions . So to make it easy for you who don't understand how it is to have a child with autism or ADHD. Imagine the tantrums a three year old normally have and multiply it by x50. That's how the tantrums are in our lives with childen (sibling, relative or so)  who has special needs are. I salute all the women and men who has their life in control. I'm jealous. Haha!
Note; I do not actually know how the other diagnosis works. I'm only speaking from personal experience when I write this and talk about autism and ADHD. 

N O  N O  N O  AND 


No I do NOT trash talk my son (nor anyone with special needs) 
I'm just explaining for you. I'm telling you how my days look like. Don't get me wrong ~ many days a week is lovely ~ no tantrums, just love, laughter and smiles. And than we have those days where everything is bad for E. Nothing works or helps and when he can't talk or communicate other way It makes him more frustrated that I do not understand what he wants. Also the CPS knows exactly everything. When you have a child with special needs, you must report that to the CPS (At least where I live we have to).

Finally they are back!

One of Emilio's favorite activities to do when it's spring/summer and fall, is to sit on the swing for hours! Countless of laughter. Pushing. More speed etc. Pure Joy! 

I have been thinking about one thing and I need your help to decide!!! .. Should I blog on English or Swedish!? I've tried to put the translation options in my blog but I don't know if it works. Now we all know that Google translator doesn't translate good but at least you would know what I wrote if I decide to write on Swedish.

Comment please and let me know 🧡