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Chaotic day at work. Customers orders and problems.


Hello my loves! So I just read the last post I wrote and let me say, It gave me a good laugh. Especially the headliner. Lol! I remember I wrote that and was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open! So I apologize for that post! 

It's friday, woho! Finally! Today I've been working at the restaurant and it was C R A Z Y  . The stress, the chaos and wow! So glad that tis work day is over! Til next time! Haha! I know it's gonna be just like this! 
Today at work has been very chaotic! Costumers taking wrong orders when we say what orders it is (We fix the food and prepare it. When it's done we go out to the costumers who are waiting for their orders to get picked up and eat somewhere else - I hope you understand what I mean), people saying exactly what they want (ketchup, dressings etc) and I write it down - ask MANY times if that's the only things they want. Just to make sure that they get exactly what they want but unluckly even though I wrote everything down correctly it was wrong according to a costumer's child so back to the kitchen we went and fixed new food for them. The new dishwasher has to go back to the company my boss bought it from - it doesn't work even though we have done exactly everything correct. So the first thing I had to do when I came to work was to call the company about the dishwasher so we are sending it back. Ugh! So this whole day while having enough chaos in the kitchen area, me and M (an other employee) had literally chaos - I had to take care of the dishes and do it by hand - Not a problem for me to be honest but the stress when the lunchrush came. Waow! 

To make it easier for you to understand (I'm writing this while listening to Youtube so it might sound so weird this post so I think it will be more simple for you to understand by me doing this short list)

- Costumers taking wrong orders.  ( during the lunch rush)
   Either M or I takes the orders and give it to B and N so they start right away to fix it for the costumer. When it's ready to give to the costumer to take the food with them (take away) we go outside the register & kitchen, saying loudly what orders it is. The costumers either say yes or no. But during lunch rush when we get so many costumers it is kinda hard for M and I to remember exactly who ordered what so we say out louder and hopes the costumer come forward and say that it's their. 99,9% they do and everything is going great! 

But today one costumer (let's call this costumer X ) took orders from us (that was done) and thought it was theirs. Left and after a while they came back and complained. B and N started to prepare new food for the costumer  (X) so the costumer (X) would continue be a happy costumer. After a while an other person (W) came and these two costumers (X & W)  had each other's orders. But the first costumer (X)  didn't want that food so B and N continued to make the new orders. The other costumer (W) gladly took the food from the other costumer (X) and left. I hope i explained it easier. There was TWO costumers. First one is called X and the second costumer is called W. 

- Mother and Son 
I took the register when this family came. The mother told me while I wrote down the order what they wanted and in my head it sounded so.. dry so I asked several times if it only was those things they wanted , I even showed them the order note. They said yes. Alright I thought and gave the order to B and N so they could prepare it. While they were preparing the order I went to the kitchen dish area and took care of the dirty dishes - B came to me "Emma! Did they say that they really wanted Ketchup?!". I was so shocked and surprised. I told him what I did and how I did it and he said "Good job!" but the son started to scream in the resturant because the order he did had ketchup  - even though the mother told me YES to ketchup. She even asked the son several times and he said yes but nope. B had to throw away that order and fix new. 
From that moment I took a step back from taking orders etc and let M take them (of course I helped when it came a lot of costumers). Afterwards M and I were talking. We both were pretty annoyed about this whole lunch rush hours  (NOT SHOWING THE COSTUMERS!) .
After that, I really felt the need to quit for the day but I didn't. I worked til my shift was over . When I clocked out I felt so releaved. Waow! Finally weekend! 
The Dishwasher
Long story short; It doesn't work as it supposed to do so it's going back to the company. 
Now I'm not gonna rant anymore. I am not bashing any costumers, I'm just writing about the experience of the day. I'm actually gonna remove the makeup I have on my face and maybe do some sheet mask or something. My head is hurting so I might go to bed instead!

Goodnight my loves!

10 funny, random and delightful things about me and my life

Hello my loves! I hope you all are fine today! I have been thinking all day about this post. It will be that kind of post "get to know me / who am I" post but funny version. Hopefully you will think that 😅

Why don't you tell me 5 or 10 things about you?  
🥰 I would love to read and get to know you! 

▶  I don't know how to do some things in math ( / and x for an example) but knows how to calculate areas etc.
▶ I've learned English by myself. No help in school. I learned English through a group chat on a website when I was younger. 
▶ I'm learning all about social media / internet managing / stuff like that by myself 
▶ I'm learning Arabic by myself {no school or so}
On the same time I'm learning Arabic, I'm trying to teach my son Punjab {I'm learning that as well} 
▶ I didn't like spicy food until I met my husband ~ now I'm obsessed! 
▶ When I married my husband I was supposed to have taken the last name "Kaur" which means Princess on Punjab but I went with "Singh" which means Lion. All females are named Kaur in surname / lastname and all men are named Singh. So I guess I'm a man now 😂
▶ I want to move away from Sweden but I don't know where (probably Spain or Greece) and how 😭 any ideas and advice? 
▶ I find it very hard to write lists or talk about myself so I always say that people should ask me what they want to know and I will answer them.
I've been blogging for years! But under different names etc but now I'm here and it's under my name 😊


Stay Safe and wear mask! 

I am so sick and tired of everything that has to do with the Corona (Covid). When will life be normal igen!?
The picture has grain on it with purpose. 

C h o a s   a t    w o rk