Honest Review: Marabou Popcorn

Black and white picture because the colors and the quality of the picture in colors was horrible. 

OK so I finally tried this chocolate bar that has been super hyped in Sweden. I love popcorn ~ can't deny that! And I love chocolate. Everyone (and I mean eveeeeryone) has told me "IT'S DELICIOUS" "IT'S SO GOOD!!" etc. First I was very sceptical to this chocolate popcorn flavor thingy. It has been out in the stores for a while, I have seen it but immediately felt "nope!" til today. Today I bought this bad boy, took home, felt how the nervousness slowly built up inside me. When Emilio fell asleep I took this bad boy out from the fridge (yes I store chocolate in the fridge), looked at it and was like "here we go". 

H O N E S T • R E V I E W • S H O R T • I N F O 
First impression; yay crunchy! 
The smell ; only chocolate. No popcorn smell and we all know how they smell ~ heavenly! 
The crunchyness ; oh it was there. Salt, corn, and hard stones. 
Taste; like regular chocolate with popcorn but.. But but nut.. It also had those natural candy corn stuff which ruined the who chocolate. There I said it. 

My thoughts about it; nope. Not for me. I prefer regular popcorn and regular chocolate bars. I didn't like the corn part. If it only was chocolate with popcorn flavor and small parts of popcorn ~ yes but with the hard corn parts? . No. It ruined the whole bar. 
Would I recommend this; absolutely. Even though it wasn't for me I still recommend if you like salty chocolate with hard crunch. 
How many points? ● (1 of 5)