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Free Printable Planner for you!

I know I have been quiet for a few days and I want to make it up for you. I have created a free planner for you. Simple yet very use and helpful. Week Meal Planner. I actually made this one because I can never figure out what to eat everyday and Im actually gonna print this out and sit down every Sunday and plan the meals for me and my family. Maybe you will find it helpful as well? Let me know. I would love to hear what you think of it 🥰

You can download the planner HERE 

Get to know me - My Favourites

I've made some Templates for you to share on your instagram stories (If you want). You can find the clean and empty one HERE for you to download and use. Please tag me on your stories if you use it. No must though but I would really appriciate it :)

I filled out one of them all I've done and thought I could share here with you

These Emojis I copied from a website. I'm currently writing this post on my laptop and I gotta say, the emojis from website is pretty boring compared to those I've on my phone. You will probably see them in the future :)