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Last day of March!

It is so crazy how fast this year has gone by so far! Tomorrow it is April 1rst! Insane! 

Today I have been very productive. I'm actually pretty surprised how much I've done today! Wow! But today I had a lot of energy! Emilio let me have sleep morning (he woke up at 7.30am which is sooo good!) - Thank you Angel! 
Screenshot from the Boomerang Video I made on Instagram.

Let's share some thoughts of today's todo list.
Meeting on Skype - Went fantastic! I "killed" it. Meaning I did so good I had a good feeling about it. I have been excited all day! Happy and confident all day after the meeting! Emilio did so good while I was on the meeting! So proud! 

Facebook post - For my work I'm working on. I'm pretty much a viritual assistant. 
Breakfast eaten - I rarely eat breakfast but today was one of those days I felt I wanted to eat. 

So in overall, I'm happy about today! 
Picture of my makeup will be posted on instagram (@emmasiingh) later :)

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