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Honest Review; Demi Lovato - Simply Complicated

I just watched the YouTube originals documentary about Demi Lovato called "Simply Complicated". I've been a fan of Demi for years and years. Not gonna lie but I have never watched her documentaries because I always thought they would change my view of Demi and honestly it did.. But not in a bad way.. I have always had respect for her knowing some parts of her life (what I have heard and read about. I don't know Demi personally) with the bullying, addictions etc but after watching this documentary - oh wow. I cried on so many moments on this "show" or what to say instead of repeating the word "documentary". I've more respect for Demi and her life now..

Starting at a young age thinking about death, wondering how a funeral would feel etc to later in life struggle with addiction of drugs and pills. Wow.

My honest reviews is a "series" where I will either try something ~ beauty product, food etc or even just write about a show, documentary etc and giving you my 100% truth and opinions about it.

RATE; ●●●●●  {five dots out of five
Comment; If you thought you know your "idol" you are wrong. You will learn so much more about her and her life in this documentary ~ its insane!

Demi has been in a public eye since she was in a very young age (If I remember correctly she had her first gig on The Barney Show) and to grow up in spotlights, dealing with demons on head etc ~ horrible.

I know I just repeat in this post but I'm literally out of words.. She is one strong woman and I can honestly say that iam a true lovatic.

If you want to watch the documentary yourself, you CLICK HERE to come to it. The documentary is 1H and 18M long. I highly recommend you to watch it . Being a celebrity aren't all roses and rainbows. 

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