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10 funny, random and delightful things about me and my life

Hello my loves! I hope you all are fine today! I have been thinking all day about this post. It will be that kind of post "get to know me / who am I" post but funny version. Hopefully you will think that 😅

Why don't you tell me 5 or 10 things about you?  
🥰 I would love to read and get to know you! 

▶  I don't know how to do some things in math ( / and x for an example) but knows how to calculate areas etc.
▶ I've learned English by myself. No help in school. I learned English through a group chat on a website when I was younger. 
▶ I'm learning all about social media / internet managing / stuff like that by myself 
▶ I'm learning Arabic by myself {no school or so}
On the same time I'm learning Arabic, I'm trying to teach my son Punjab {I'm learning that as well} 
▶ I didn't like spicy food until I met my husband ~ now I'm obsessed! 
▶ When I married my husband I was supposed to have taken the last name "Kaur" which means Princess on Punjab but I went with "Singh" which means Lion. All females are named Kaur in surname / lastname and all men are named Singh. So I guess I'm a man now 😂
▶ I want to move away from Sweden but I don't know where (probably Spain or Greece) and how 😭 any ideas and advice? 
▶ I find it very hard to write lists or talk about myself so I always say that people should ask me what they want to know and I will answer them.
I've been blogging for years! But under different names etc but now I'm here and it's under my name 😊

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