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Laundry, Chicken Tacos and stress

Hello my beautiful people! I Hope you all are having an amazing day today! Today has been very stressful for me - So glad that the day is soon over. I've had laundry all day > washed up the clothes, blankets etc and waow.. I had no idea it would take HOURS to get the machines to clean the clothes etc. Something is wrong with the machines so here I am right now. I've called and made a wrong report on it. I don't know what it calls on english to be honest.

Emilio is sleeping over at a friend's place for two nights - I miss him so much! He left today and is coming home again on friday! So today's dinner (finally!) I had CHICKEN TACOS WITH CHEESE SAUCE! Finally! Long time ago! 1,5 years!
Weird post I know but my head is so slow right now. I feel like I'm gonna fall asleep soon. Haha!

Last night  I made (Not done yet, I think) a PDF file that will be soon avalible to download and print out. I will make a whole new post about that one later but for now, I'm gonna work on it and fix so it will look better.

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