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Simple yet so delicious. Taste of India. Recipe and answering a few questions

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One dish that is very popular in our household is famous Garam Masala. As you might know my husband is from India (Punjab, North of India) and they have super spicy food which I love! Before I met my husband I didn't like spicy food to be honest. Lol! Our son {Emilio / Mio} is half Swedish and half Punjab which makes it so much easier to do spicy food. I can honestly say that Mio do not like regular Swedish food as much as Indian food so in our household it is a lot of Indian food. I'll later try make Arabic food etc. Just to try out...

I got two questions before on my Instagram that I thought I could write the answers on here in my blog.

Q. Why don't you show your son's face?
A. Before I showed Emilio's face but later decided to remove those photos and blur /cover his face because I don't want to post photos of him without letting him decide when he grows up.. If that makes any sense. Hm 🤔 also the dad and I had a lot of talks about this before and we came to the conclusion that we don't want to show Emilios face until he is old enough to decide himself. 
Q. Why do you never show us your husband? 
A. It goes same there as the one above except M is old enough to decide if he wants his face to be shown or not and in this case, he doesn't and I respect that. Not everyone like to have their face shown on the internet and my husband is one of them. 

CLICK HERE TO COME TO THE RECIPE ON HOW TO MAKE GARAM MASALA FROM SCRATCH Really simple, really easy and wow for the flavor! 

I'm now off to bed. It's 12am here and the week's plan for tomorrow got changed today so I'm off to work tomorrow. Goodnight my beautiful friends ❤️❤️

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