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The look of the first day

.. Off work and this year's Easter! Simple makeup with a lot of orange and brown colors. Sparkle here and there. Especially on my eyelids and under eyeliner under the tear line. What do you think? I had this makeup on at work. Normally I use to have more "sunset" ish vibes or even red but I decided to try something new. 

Hard to see but to be honest.. I took maybe like 50 oics and this one is the only one I liked. Ugh! Chill outfit at home ~ skrit as a dress.. As usual 🤭

Tomorrow I will post this picture on Instagram along with the details of which products I used, shades, names and all that. I don't remember all the shades by name in my head but I know exactly which ones I used. I will also post that information here on my blog 😊 if you don't want to follow me on Instagram, you can still see the information. 

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