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This week's updates

Rare Pic of me smiling and showing full face. 

Hello my loves. I know I haven't been so active as I wish. Thought I have actually written posts but not published them because I thought it would sound so weird. Heck, it is a lifestyle blog so.. Lol.

This week has been crazy. Some moments has made me really mad and some moments has been good. Hospital meetings, work, daycare, laundry etc. The usual. 

Coffee, Housework and rude costumers 
This week, I start to try drink coffee.. Even thought for every sip I take the soul leaves my body. I really don't like the taste of it. Smell? Yes. Taste? No. But it works a bit for my headache (I've headache 24/7)

Housework cleaned and I mean deeeeeep cleaned the whole apartment. 
Rude costumers today I have for the very first time experienced rude costumers st work. I can't give so much details but I tried to make ny boss serve the costumers the food but he made me do it. Thank God I remember their faces so I can let N serve them. I know "never let a costumer control you" but this one I've problem with. Told B (boss) what happened and he wanted to go over and ask what's going on but I didn't let him. I know, stupid of me but it is his restaurant and I work to serve people and the golden quote / motto "costumers are always right. Even though this one wasn't right. 

OH God. I was gonna write s long post but my eyes started to look X (cross-eyed) so I'll write tomorrow. Head is hurting and I'm about to fall asleep. Goodnight!! 

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