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Welcome to my little corner


How are you all? This will be my very first blog post on this blogportal / In this blog in general. Even though I'm not new to this "blogging world", I'm kinda new because lately it has happened so many updates and changes in the blog world. 

I've been blogging on maany different blogs during my years as a blogger - I changed blogportals, blog names, etc after a while of getting tired of it. Sad but true. But when I had those blogs I was always wrote what I thought the readers wanted to read etc. I was never personal (on one blog I was but I made that one right after my dad passed away - secret blog that I don't use anymore) because I was scared of getting judged, laughed at etc but I've come to a realization that I don't care. I am me, and so it will continue. Oops this post had a weird turn - gonna go back to the post again

I decided to start blogging again a long time ago but haven't really thought more of it. Just jumped on the train and joined a website a lot of swedish people use - there for the at the end. Hopefully I'm gonna get a domain soon. 

Under the tab "About" you can read a little more about me and what my blog is about. I hope you follow me and this journey on becoming a better person with more knowledge.

With love,

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